Agentless monitoring and custom metrics

You can use our API to post data to us without needing the agent. This is useful if you want to include metric collection in your own scripts and use the Server Density graphs, dashboard and alerting to store the data.

Using the alerts/postback API method you can send back data as if you were the monitoring agent. You would send the custom metrics as if they were a plugin e.g.the data:

{"MyPlugin": {"users": "5", "hats": "3"}}

would be sent to the API using this curl method:

curl -X POST\
    --data hash=a4fe8af0e5d5b7ddc544563bcaa5e102 \
    --data payload='{"agentKey": "23ddab267dff7cde05dc20a28e93c272", "os": "linux", "plugins": {"MyPlugin": {"users": "5", "hats": "3"}}}' \
    --header "X-Forwarded-Host:"

Note: replace the X-Forward-Host header with your real account URL, using .io and not .com

This is essentially emulating the agent sending back a plugin which will automatically be graphed and made available for alerts. You can return any numerical data and any number of dictionaries:

    "MyPlugin": {
        "users": "5",
        "hats": "3"
    "AnotherDataSet": {
        "banana": "10",
        "cheese": "45521"
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