Notification center, open alerts, filters and icons

The notification center opens on the right side of the Server Density UI to show useful, real time information about what is going on in your account.

It currently shows:

  • Open alerts
  • Recent closed alerts
  • Cloud related errors e.g. instance failed to launch

Hiding/showing the notification center

You can hide the notification center by clicking on the sign icon in the top right. This changes to red and counts how many open alerts you have.

Filtering alerts - assigned to you or globally

You can set a filter on the notification center so it will only display alerts where you are the recipient of notifications, or show all alerts globally across the account. This is done by clicking the circled silhouette icon.

The total open alert counter in the left hand sign icon will change based on this filter

Show all alerts across the account:

Show alerts where you are selected as a recipient:

Filtering alerts - devices and services

The icons in the middle of the notification center allow you to filter the view to show all alerts, alerts for all devices, alerts for all services or alerts for a specific device, service or group.

The total open alert counter in the left hand sign icon does not change based on this filter.

Showing all alerts (default):

Showing alerts for all devices:

Showing alerts for all services:

Clicking on the "All devices" or "All services" text will reveal a drop menu where you can choose groups to filter by, and drill down further to each device or service within the group.

Auto filtering on view change

As you browse through the product, the notification center will automatically adjust the filters to match the current view. For example if you go into the Devices section then the notification center will switch to the "All devices" filter.

You can disable this behaviour by toggling the target icon on the right side.

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