Elastic dashboard graphs

Static dashboard graphs are good if your cluster never changes but if you have an elastic environment where new instances appear and disappear, you should use the elastic graph widget which will add and remove items as they appear and disappear in your account.

Once you have picked the "Elastic Graph" from the dashboard widget selection, a blank graph widget will appear on the page. Click the Cog in the top right then click on View.

From the left side you can specify a search term for your inventory of devices and service checks. This can be a regular expression with wildcards. All matching items will be displayed so you can see the result of your search e.g.

  • Single words which will match if they exist anywhere in the name
  • Basic wildcards e.g. Linux*
  • Regex wildcards e.g. 
    • /(.*)Linux/ - will match anything before Linux
    • /(.*)Linux(.*)/ - will match anything before and after Linux
  • Other complex regexes will also match

Once you create your graph, it will be automatically updated based on this search term so if new servers appear that match, they will automatically be added to the graph. This is useful if you set a prefix for your cluster and always name new servers based on that prefix.

Click the "x items match y" to move forward and pick the metrics you wish to plot:

Pick the metrics you wish to be plotted. The metrics list include metrics across all items, some of which may not exist on all items. They will only be plotted if they exist and will be plotted for every item where possible. 

You can choose which axis to plot the metric on which is useful if the metric has a very different scale for the values:

You can set a name for the graph by clicking on "Graph Name". When you are done click the X in the top right and the graph will save and be plotted on the dashboard.

As new items appear in your account, the graph will be kept up to date based on the search terms specified.


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