Agent release notes

Release notes for the Server Density agent. 

2.1.6-1 (17 Aug 2017)

  • Updates for ElasticSearch, MySQL and Zookeeper plugins

2.1.5-1 (10 Jan 2017)

  • Added new plugin for monitoring Couchbase.
  • Fixed EL6 x86 RPM Packages. 

2.1.4-1 (10 Nov 2016)

  • Fix docker RPM Packages.
  • Fix for agent proxy mode.
  • Added new plugin for monitoring Hadoop HDFS.

2.1.3-1 (29 Sep 2016)

  • Fix HAProxy RPM Packages
  • Added new plugin for monitoring Elasticsearch.

2.1.2-1 (15 Sep 2016)

  • Added new plugin for monitoring HAProxy 

2.1.1-1 (9 Sep 2016)

  • Addressed an issue where the agent may not survive a restart

2.1.0-1 (8 Sep 2016)

  • Sync with latest upstream version
  • Added official macOS packages (docs)
  • Preliminary FreeBSD support
  • Added armel & armhf support for deb packages
  • Updated the Docker plugin, deprecated the previous version
  • Fixed the agent not reporting metrics after Daylight Saving Time (DST) ending

2.0.5-1 (23 May 2016)

  • Fixed an issue with the virtualenv when using third party modules
  • Relaxed an exception that in some cases prevented the agent from starting
  • Fixed the agent failing to start on Ubuntu 16.04

2.0.4-1 (9 May 2016)

  • Fixed native proxy support (note: proxy is not compatible with CentOS 5)
  • Added x86 .rpm packages (CentOS, Red Hat/el 32 bit support)
  • Corrected package names for PostgreSQL

2.0.3-1 (22 Feb 2016)

  • Fixed packaging for Btrfs
  • Added new plugin for monitoring Apache Kafka consumers (docs)
  • Added x86 .deb packages (Ubuntu & Debian 32 bit support)
  • Improved dependancy versions between packages

2.0.2-1 (7 Jan 2016)

  • Fixed disk checks not working when psutil is not available
  • Fixed agent version reporting

2.0.1-1 (10 Dec 2015)

  • Fixed a disk checks edge case that may cause nodata on device snapshots

2.0.0 (26 Nov 2015)

Release 2.0.0 welcomes a number of large architectural changes which will support future development projects.

Install instructions can be found in our Agent Installation & Configuration category.

The agent uses a new set of repositories so existing installations will not be upgraded. Upgrade instructions including an automated upgrade are available.

  • Plugins are now officially supported by us and our engineering team
    • Added new plugins for btrfs, consul, couchdb, docker, memcache, ntp, postfix, postgres, redis, riak, supervisor, varnish (docs)
    • Improved support for mongodb, apache, msql, nginx, phpfpm, rabbitmq (docs)
    • A more visual list can be found on the website
  • Official plugins are now delivered through rpm & deb based systems, including managing dependancies to reduce the work required to install integrations and simplifying updates
  • v1 "Plugins" are now referred to as "Custom Plugins" and backwards compatible so any plugin written for the v1 agent also works in the v2 agent (docs)
  • Integration and unit tests have been added to detect regressions before release


See the v1 agent release notes.

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