Open Alerts Widget

You can display the count of currently active alerts on your account with Open Alerts widgets. These are useful to get an idea of your infrastructure health at a glance. 

To add an open alerts widget, click the +Widget button in the top right corner of the dashboard to display the list of available widgets. From here, select Open alerts to add the widget to your dashboard. 

Once added, select the device or service, or device or service group you'd like to display the open alert count for. It's also possible to display the count of alerts for the whole account. ScreenShot2018-01-24at14.47.24.png

If there are open alerts on the selection, then the widget will switch to red and display a count of the currently open alerts, as seen below:ScreenShot2018-01-24at14.47.32.png

Please Note: Selecting a group with this widget will only display the count of the currently open group alerts. If a device in the group has an open device alert it will not be reflected in the group alert count. 


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