Maintenance mode / Pause alerts for a device/service

If you're performing maintenance on a host and need to pause the alerts for a device / service temporarily, you can use the prepared script below. This will disable all alerts, and move the device / service out of the group it may be in otherwise group alerts will be disabled, affecting other servers / web checks not going down for maintenance.

Disable Example:
./ -s 520dee51cbda5de279000013 -t device -a b97da80a41c4f61bff05975ee51eb1aa -e False

The above will pause alerts for subject ID 520dee51cbda5de279000013, using token b97da80a41c4f61bff05975ee51eb1aa

Enable Example: 

Then to re-enable ensure you pass a group name if applicable:
./ -s 520dee51cbda5de279000013 -t device -a b97da80a41c4f61bff05975ee51eb1aa -e True -g Apache

Which will re-enable alerts for subject ID 520dee51cbda5de279000013 and move the device back into the Apache group to re-enable the group alerts. 

You could, for example, have this running as a cron job if you run weekly backups between 4-6AM and wish to suppress alerts during those times.


The script is available at our API documentation

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