Viewing & working with agent logs

The Server Density agent uses 3 different logs. The contents of the log will vary dependant on your log level. The agent logs are useful to see what the Server Density agent is doing. Often when you contact support we'll ask for them.

Log files  


Contains log lines relating to metric collection and plugins.


Contains log lines relating to the forwarding of payloads to the Server Density endpoints.


Manages the processes and spawns the agent collector and forwarder.

Note: the location of the logs may differ depending on how you installed the agent (packages vs from source).  

Checking the logs

If you're experiencing a problem with the agent (not posting back data to Server Density, trouble with plugins etc) you should check the logs first. Often any errors will be shown.

cd /var/log/sd-agent (for linux)
cd /private/var/log/sd-agent/ (for OS X)
tail -f *.log

Providing support with debug logs 

Ensure the agent is in debug mode. You can then collect the logs and email them to (or submit a ticket).

To compress the logs:

sudo tar -cvzf sd-agent.tar.gz /var/log/sd-agent

Providing support with debug logs and agent config

In some cases we may require your debug logs as well as your agent config. When the agent is in debug mode, you can compress your logs and config with the following command. You can then email the archive to (or submit a ticket).

To compress the logs plus config:

sudo tar -cvzf sd-agent-full.tar.gz /etc/sd-agent /usr/share/python/sd-agent /var/log/sd-agent
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