OS X / macOS servers

Our v2 agent is OS X compatible and can be installed via a GUI installer, or our installation script. 

Scripted Installation 

To complete a scripted installation please see the instructions here

Manual Installation

Download the Agent 

Please download the latest version of our macOS agent from our archive.

Mount the dmg file 

You can mount the dmg file by double clicking on the dmg. You'll then be presented with the contents.

Double click the .pkg to start the installer. 

Running the installer 

The installer will guide you through the process. Simply click Continue on each screen and Agree to the license when requested. You will be prompted for your password before the installation occurs.

Configure the Agent

Once the agent is installed it will need to be configured with your agent key and account name. The config file is located at /usr/local/etc/sd-agent/config.cfg Edit it with your favourite text editor or via the terminal so that it includes your agent key and account name. 

Starting the Agent

Start the agent and ensure it starts on boot by executing the following command:

launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.serverdensity.agent.plist 

Check Metrics

You're complete! Head back to your account to see your new OS X metrics being graphed. 

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