WHMCS Integration

With the Server Density WHMCS module you can automate the provisioning of users and automatically assigned devices using tags.

This documents goes through the steps required to install the Server Density Module for WHMCS. The module will allow to automate provisioning accounts for end-customers, limited permissions for these accounts and create the servers they will have access to.

Server Density monitoring will be offered as a product within WHMCS and the public shop, both end-customers and administrators can place orders on the product and even automatically link Server Density product to given VPS or dedicated servers products.

How to install the agent in the servers and how to automate that process if outside of the scope of this module and the following documentation although the module provides a hook to call 3rd party system for that process.

Permissions & multi-tenancy

This module creates limited users within your Server Density account. With a tag with a random name, associates the permissions over which servers can these limited users access to. Same tag can be used for services permission or for alerts dispatch.

Limited users can create new dashboards and can edit their servers alerts but cannot add new servers or services to be monitored. Limited users cannot create additional users or access any other preferences in your top account.

Administrator and regular users will be able to access all servers and services, these accounts should be used only within your support and operations team.


1. Download WHMCS module.

  • You can request access to the module via hello@serverdensity.com

2. Upload and extract the module into the main WHMCS directory


3. Go to SetupProduct/ServicesServers and click on Add New Server. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Server Density
  • Hostname: your_serverdensity_account (without .serverdensity.io)
  • Type: Serverdensity
  • Username: your_serverdensity_account (without .serverdensity.io)
  • Password: your_API_token

Click on Save Changes

To generate a new API token for WHMCS, see our API docs.

4. After creating the server go again to SetupProduct/ServicesServers and click on Create New Group. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Server Density
  • Selected servers: the previously created server

Click on Save Changes

Product Configuration

5. In order to create a new product for Server Density go to SetupProduct/ServicesProduct/Services and click on Create New Group.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Product Group Name: Server Density

Click on Save Changes

6. Now you can create the product, click on Create New Product. Fill in the following fields:

  • Product Type: Other
  • Product Group: Server Density
  • Product Name: Server Density server monitoring
  • Under Module Settings:
  • Select Serverdensity on Module Name
  • Select Server Density on Server Group
  • Select "Automatically setup the product when you manually accept a pending order"

Click on Save Changes

Linking products

With Server Density Module for WHMCS, we have bundled a linking feature. That means that you can include Server Density monitoring with each of your other products, e.g. every VPS will get Server Density monitoring.

To configure this go to SetupAddon ModulesRelations Management and activate it. Then click on Configure, select Full Administrator and Save Changes.

To create a new relationship or link go to Addons Relations Management. Under Create Product For Product Relation choose your base product as Product and then your Server Density product as Linked product, click then Add Relation.

Welcome email with instructions

It is usually a good idea to send end-customers an email providing instructions how to login into their Server Density account and how to quickly install the agent server.

To configure this go to SetupEmail Templates. Then on Create New Email Template select Product/Service on Type and give it a unique name, for example: Server Density Monitoring Welcome Email. Click on Create.

Fill in all generic email details according to your preferences, this is a simple template with all the placeholders:

To log in into your Server Density account:
Browse to: https://{$service_server_hostname}.serverdensity.io/
Username: {$client_email}
To install the Server Density agent, SSH into your server and:
1. Download the installer
$ curl -Lk -o install.sh https://www.serverdensity.com/downloads/agent-install.sh && chmod +x install.sh
2. Run with your Agent Key: $ ./install.sh -k {$service_custom_field_agentkey} -a https://{$service_server_hostname}.serverdensity.io/

Once saved your new email template, don’t forget to configure it within the product: go to SetupProduct/Services Product/Services and click on Edit Server Density server monitoring and on the Welcome Email field select Server Density Monitoring Welcome Email.

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