Getting Started with Server Density

Just created an account? Welcome aboard - this quick start guide will help you get up to speed with Server Density. If you ever have any questions, drop us a ticket or email

Add a device
Server Density requires a lightweight agent to be installed on the monitored server and once done various system metrics will begin posting back every minute. Follow our installation guide to get setup.

Add a service
Service checks allow you to monitor a given URL, either via HTTP or by opening a TCP connection to a given port. Server Density will poll the URL every 5 minutes and provide historical response times. Check out setting up web checks and our check methodology.

Invite your team
Server Density is better with your team. Invite everybody involved with your infrastructure - we don’t charge for additional users. You can invite people as admins or limited users and tags provide a great way to limit access.

Setup alerts
Never miss a problem - Server Density allows you to alert on any metric through email, SMS and web hooks, as well as third party services such as PagerDuty, HipChat and Slack. Group alerts also provide an easy way to apply alerts to a number of devices that all need the same attention - see our guides on setting up alerts.

Browse our plugins
View our list of supported plugins (as well as installation, configuration and debug instructions). 

Create your dashboard
Dashboards are filled with widgets that allow you to see an overview of all of your monitored devices, services and providers on one screen. See our dashboard guides and how Server Density uses the Ops Dashboard.

You should now be up and running with most of what Server Density has to offer - check out all of our documentation for additional guides, tricks and troubleshooting or let us know if you need anything.

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