Sending custom metrics

You can send back an unlimited number of custom metrics to each device within Server Density. These metrics are termed "Plugins" and are treated as first class metrics, which means you can graph them, create dashboards and trigger alerts.

You send them to us as follows:

  • As an agent plugin. You write code that will be executed by the agent every check cycle, and reported through the agent payload. See our guides for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac, and Windows. You can also run Nagios plugins if you already have some of those.
  • Directly through our API. You can use our HTTP API without needing to install or use the agent. 

Most metrics should be reported as integer or float values. These will be graphed. However, you can also send us string values too. These will not be graphed but can be used to trigger alerts e.g. you can configure an alert on the value equals "false" or something similar.

You can see the data being reported back right away with the "Plugins" tab when viewing the device in the web UI.

And you can add graphs from the "Metrics" tab, under the "serverdensity" set:


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