Agent release notes - Windows

Release notes for the Server Density Windows agent. Get the source code on GitHub. (December 17 2013)

  • Added i/o stats: disk read/writes (bytes/s), disk % utilization, average disk queue length, disk reads/writes per second, average seconds per transfer.
  • Fixed bug with MongoDB 2.4 where lock % is no longer relevant. (July 8, 2013)

  • Support for .io URLs for Server Density v2. (Sept 13, 2012)

  • Support for monitoring MongoDB 2.2 (June 26 2012)

  • Fixed erroneous Event Log output that was outputting at Error level rather than Info. (June 25 2012)

Requires .NET 3.5 so that later MongoDB drivers can be used. 

  • Minimum of .NET 3.5
  • Fix agent returning negative network values due to overflow bug
  • Fix invalid credentials error on authenticated mongo databases
  • Fix a dictionary lookup error
  • Update to latest MongoDB drivers ( (May 24 2012)

Maintenance release, to prevent upgrading to future versions when the only .NET framework is 2.0. Future releases will need .NET 3.5.

  • Prevent upgrading when only .NET 2.0 is installed.
  • Fix a dictionary lookup error in the Process Check. (Oct 7 2011)

  • Fixed configuration to not overwrite plugin or custom configurations
  • Added auto-copy for the Windows agent
  • Fixed some dispose calls for payload sends
  • Service name matches between installer and service for start/stop reliability
  • Fixed replica set bug with MongoDB metrics
  • Fixed agent ignoring certain configuration values for advanced MongoDB metrics bug (Jul 25 2011)

  • Fixed memory leak in system tray application (requires re-install)
  • Fixed intermittent divide-by-zero bug in disk usage metrics
  • All installed .NET version numbers now sent in initial payload (May 25 2011) 

  • Plugin installer for the new plugin app store.
  • Fixed bug where some page file usage was ignored. (May 12 2011)

  • Fixed bug where agent was misreporting its version.
  • Changed startup type for agent service to Automatic (Delayed Start) for supported Windows versions.
  • Added checks for agent permissions.
  • Added checks for process auditing.
  • Improved memory management for lighter footprint. (Apr 7 2011)

This version includes a bug where the version will be misreported as

  • Reverted improved process metrics using performance counters due to some processes not showing up. (Apr 7 2011) 

  • The agent is now signed for security.
  • New advanced MongoDB monitoring.
  • Improved process metrics using performance counters.
  • Added option to enable/disable logging to the Event Viewer from the configure app.
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