Debug mode - Legacy (v1) agent

By default the agent will log warnings and errors but if you are having problems with the agent not reporting certain metrics or with your plugins, you can enable debug mode which will log every action the agent takes.

This article is outdated and will eventually be removed. See debug mode for the v2 agent

1. Browse to your agent config file

cd /etc/sd-agent/


cd /etc/sd-agent/conf.d/

2. Enable debug mode in the config file

Open the config file in a text editor such as nano:

nano -w config.cfg

On line 71 you will see this:

# logging_level: debug

Change it to:

logging_level: debug

Save and exit (if you used nano, Ctrl + X then press Y).

3. Start the agent

This will depend on how you installed the agent.

Linux packages

sudo /etc/init.d/sd-agent restart

Mac, FreeBSD or manual install

python restart

4. Locate debug log

A debug log file will be created. The location depends on how you installed the agent:

Linux packages


Mac, FreeBSD or manual install


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