Troubleshooting custom plugins

Having problems with your custom plugins? Try these things.

v2 custom plugin data is not viewable in the Custom Plugins data tab, unlike v1 plugins.

Live debug console

Log into your Server Density account, view the device you're sending plugin data back to and then click the Custom Plugins tab. This will show the debug console so you can see what data is being posted back to us and what has been sent during the last few postbacks. Check to see if this is what you're expecting.

The console is live and you can refresh and filter by specific plugins. The expected format is as a dictionary of items e.g.

    "CloudCeleryQueueSize": {
        "size": 56,
        "trees": 6
    "AlertsCeleryQueueSize": {
        "size": 82

Agent debug mode

Enable debug mode on the agent and check the logs to see if any errors are being logged.

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