Setting up HipChat Notifications

HipChat notifications allow alerts to appear in HipChat rooms.

1. Create a v1 API Token in your Hipchat account. Only the "Notification" type is required.

2. Log into your Server Density account then click your name in the top left and go to Preferences.

3. Click the Notifications tab and then select HipChat in the drop down list. Give the Notification a name, your API Token and the room name or ID that you want your alerts to be sent to. If you require HipChat desktop notifications needs then ensure that the toggle is enabled. Once you've confirmed your details press the 'Add' button.

4. You can now select the HipChat Notification when selecting a recipient for alerts. The "Name" you entered when adding the API token will be shown:


5. Alerts will be posted into the chosen Hipchat room.


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