Automatic agent traceroute on failed postback

In order to help diagnose network problems, we need traceroutes to show the routing info from your servers into Server Density. This usually means running a traceroute during the period of packet loss or other network problems.

This article is for our v1 agent and will soon be deprecated.

The manual way to do this is to use the mtr program on Linux / Mac or WinMTR on Windows, and run the following command:

mtr -c 100 -r -n

However, because these are intermittent it can be difficult to get the data we need - it usually means a quick response logging into the server to run the command.

As such, when the agent is in debug mode it will automatically perform a traceroute using mtr if it's unable to post back. You can then collect the agent log and provide them to support.

Note: ensure you have the mtr command available on your Linux server. This is usually apt-get install mtr (Debian/Ubuntu) or yum install mtr (Red Hat).

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