Removing a plugin installed from the directory

To remove a plugin you have installed from the plugin directory follow the steps below.

This article is for our v1 agent and will soon be deprecated.

Linux, Mac, FreeBSD

  1. Visit the plugin page on the plugin directory

  2. Press the Install button

  3. In Step 4 there is a plugin key which looks like 4e5fd40fc86da1230e000001

  4. On your server browse to the agent directory e.g. cd /usr/bin/sd-agent

  5. Run the helper with the key from the popup panel. E.g. sudo ./ --remove 4e5fd40fc86da1230e000001


Simply delete the plugin .dll file from within the agent plugin directory then restart the agent. If you're not sure where the plugin directory is, open the Server Density config app from the Start menu or from the system tray icon, then you'll see a path listed under the Enable plugins option. This directory contains the plugin .dll files.

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