MongoDB monitoring - Windows

Start the agent configuration application either by clicking Start and then Server Density, or by clicking its system tray icon.

MongoDB version 3.0+ is currently not supported by this plugin.

This article is outdated and will eventually be removed.

Type your MongoDB connection string in the section provided. Usually, you will simply need to supply your MongoDB server: 


If you need to supply a port as well, you may do so as follows: 


Advanced database and replica set monitoring

The advanced monitoring of your databases and replica sets will automatically be enabled if you are running .NET 3.5 or above. This is only available for replica sets and not single, master/slave or replica pair deployments.


If you have authentication enabled then you will need to provide a user for the agent to connect with. If you wish to use the advanced MongoDB monitoring this user will need to be on the admin database (i.e. it has access to all databases). 

Also, the username in the connection string should be appended with '(admin)'. See below for an example, where 'user' is the username and 'password' is the password for the appropriate user.

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