PagerDuty integration

PagerDuty services can be added so they can be recipients for alerts. You can add multiple services e.g. critical vs non-critical alerts.

  1. In PagerDuty, click Services then Add new service.

  2. Enter a name for the service, choose your escalation policy then click the Server Density Service Type. Click Add Service.pd2.png
  3. Make a note of the API key under the Integration Settings heading then go to your Server Density account. Click your name in the top left then Preferences, go to the notifications tab and then select PagerDuty tab. Enter a name for your PagerDuty service and copy in the API key you previously made a note of.

  4. When adding an alert you can then select the PagerDuty service as an alert recipient.ScreenShot2018-01-22at17.27.19.png
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