Agent release notes - Linux, Mac and FreeBSD

Release notes for the Server Density *nix agent (Linux, Mac and FreeBSD). Get the source code on GitHub.

2.0.0 (Nov 2015)

See v2 agent release notes.

1.14.3 (Mar 17 2016)

  • Essential change to the postback URL for legacy (v1) agent customers

1.14.1 (June 11 2015)

1.14.0 (May 14 2015)

  • Set correct ownership for the sd-agent folder & files when installed using the Debian package
  • Include agent proxy support (see agent config options)
  • Force C locale to prevent localized command outputs
  • Better handle RabbitMQ cluster partition metrics
  • Prevent sar outputing errors when the drive stats table is out of sync
  • Fix for gathering IO stats properly on OS X devices

1.13.4 (Sept 29 2014)

  • PEP8 compliance
  • Improved init script to be more compliant with the Linux way of things
  • Improved error handling for plugins for when they return nothing
  • SDv1 URLs (ending in .com) deprecated
  • Support for MongoDB over SSL
  • Fixed crash on MySQL replication

1.13.3 (Jun 2 2014)

Note this was first released as 1.13.3 and then re-released as due to a packaging error.

  • Added support for collecting meta data about attached persistent disks on Google Compute Engine.
  • Added automatic execution of mtr (if available) for traceroute collection when agent in debug mode.
  • Fixed RabbitMQ credentials leakage via other HTTP requests the agent might make and to the SD postback. Reported by Jesse Young.

1.13.2 (Jan 6 2014)

  • Added "ALL" aggregated CPU stats which helps with servers with many CPU cores so you can see averaged stats across all cores. 
  • Added disk i/o stats on OS X
  • Added CPU stats on OS X
  • When there is an error in MySQL replication, MySQL reports the Seconds_Behind_Master status as NULL. This is now handled and reported as -1 to allow alerting.
  • Fixed bug with trying to process RabbitMQ stats when no config details present.
  • Disabled the recordStats output which was introduced in MongoDB 2.4 and causes a read lock, which can slow down agent execution and have an effect on the mongod server itself.
  • Fixed memory stats on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

1.12.4 (Mar 3 2013)

  • Fix debug logging being on by default

1.12.3 (Mar 3 2013)

  • Support for MongoDB 2.4 after a change in server output
  • Support for Server Density V2 urls
  • Graph network stats for OSX version > 10.7.5
  • Default to https in the config example url
  • Added plugin directory path logging
  • Iterate a DNS lookup in the case of a failure, for Redhat / Fedora
  • Fix printing of tty messages on OSX
  • Fix reporting of available memory when measured in Gigabytes on OSX
  • Fix basic auth in RabbitMQ 3

1.11.4 (Jun 25 2012)

  • Added support for custom MySQL port and socket (see agent config options)
  • Added an option to disable MySQL replication checks to prevent verbose error logging  (see agent config options)
  • Added authentication support for Apache status URLs (see agent config options)
  • Removed use of signal timeout handlers in most cases due to them causing more problems than they solve.
  • Improved some debug logging output.
  • Fixed a bug where the agent sees processes as bool, not list which could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug with handling unicode in the JSON payload when posting back
  • Fixed agent hanging when running disk usage check against a failed nfs mount
  • Handle TypeError for JSON serialization failures
  • Additional checks against negative Apache values
  • Fixed disk-usage check crashes agent when receiving unexpected values
  • Fixed issue with escaping process names
  • Fixed disk usage parsing doesn't gracefully deal with - instead of a number
  • Fixed memory statistics not correctly parsed on OS X 10.7.3
  • Fixed crash when server out of memory during CPU check
Note: The rpm package for RPM/CentOS was rebuilt as 1.11.4-3 due to a signing bug in the initial 1.11.4-1 release where the signature could not be read on CentOS 4 and CentOS 5. This was because we originally built the packages on CentOS 6, which uses version 4 of the gpg signing.

1.11.3 (Oct 28 2011)

  • Fixed a bug with RabbitMQ stats on Python 2.4
  • Support custom ports and sockets for MySQL
  • Fix bug with signal timeouts caused by slow commands and/or networking issues
  • Agent now works correctly on OS X 10.7 Lion
  • More logging for debug purposes

1.11.2 (Jul 7 2011)

  • Fixed bug where multiple agent processes could run simultaneously
  • Fixed bug where agent process could hang on older Python versions (<= 2.4)
  • Fixed plugin extraction process for older Python versions (<= 2.4)

1.11.1 (May 26 2011)

  • Fixed plugin installer for older Python versions (< 2.6)

1.11.0 (May 22 2011)

  • Plugin installer for the new plugin app store
  • % CPU stats in addition to CPU load

1.10.4 (May 9 2011)

  • MySQL errors now logged as ERROR not DEBUG
  • Fixed incorrect path with init script
  • Added signal timeouts to all external calls to prevent network issues causing the agent to hang
  • Fixed bug fetching memory stats on OS X
  • Fixed bug with process names being truncated on FreeBSD

1.10.3 (Apr 5 2011)

  • Properly handle cases where network interfaces report no data.
  • Fixed bug with Apache showing negative req/s if restarted.
  • Strip out special characters in process names to prevent JSON errors on postback.
  • Handle network traffic values less than 0.
  • Changed optimeDate and heartbeat calculations to use UTC.
  • Fixed bug where load average on OS X would not be returned.
  • Fix for duplicate RabbitMQ queue names across multiple vhosts
  • Fixed bugs with network traffic reporting on FreeBSD.
  • Parse sysinfo if available on FreeBSD, otherwise fall back.
  • Added ability to set logging level into agent config.
  • Fix issue with unsubscriptable bool when assuming certain payload items will exist
  • geturl() is not available in Python 2.4 so we can just return the config value.

1.10.2 (Mar 1 2011)

  • Fixed bug with MongoDB URI parsing for "localhost"

1.10.1 (Feb 28 2011)

  • Fixed Apache busy/idle workers not being posted back.
  • Added support for MongoDB URIs.
  • Handle nginx exception.
  • Improve exception handling for killing Popen processes.
  • Fixed incorrect formatting string causing crash on OS X.
  • Improved plugin directory handling when empty.

1.10.0 (Feb 15 2011)

  • Fixed bug with Apache showing negative req/s if restarted.
  • New advanced MongoDB monitoring.
  • Improved logging to output INFO all the time, with log rotation. New debug mode option for more details.
  • Reworked default config file to separate into sections to make it easier to read for new users.
  • Fixed bug with parsing iostat output.
  • Added support for RabbitMQ 2.x
  • Improved exception handling to prevent some crash cases.
  • Improved plugin exception handling and logging.
  • Added some file exists checking for key files.
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