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Global Search provides quick access to your inventory, dashboards, tags, users and preferences. (If you are working with a limited or non-admin account, you might not see all search results described below.)<

To access global search, use the Search field in the main toolbar. You can focus it with the keyboard shortcuts “s” or “/” so you don’t have to leave the keyboard:


Any string will be used as substring and will show the first 14 items that match the string:


You can also use regular expressions:


You can prefix your search term with a filter to restrict results:


The following filters are available:

'db', 'dash', 'dashboard', 'dashboards'

'dev', 'device', 'devices'

'service', 'services'

'tag', 'tags'

'user', 'users'

'group', 'groups'

If you are searching for an inventory item, and your search returns less than three results, you can jump directly to a specific tab on the item:


If you are searching for a group, and your search returns only a few results, you can jump directly to the alert configs for that group (as well the device/service list pre-filtered for that group)


When you use Escape or click outside the Search area to close Global Search, it will remember your last used search term. To reset the Search input field, use the (x) icon.

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