Tags & limiting user permissions

By default, all users can access everything except account level settings such as Notifications and Billing and admin users can access everything. You can set up "limited" users to access specific devices and services based on tags.

Creating a new tag

You can set up permissions based on tags attached to devices and services. Start by creating a new tag from the Tags menu on the left. In the top right, enter the name for the new tag, pick a colour and then press the + button.


Tagging a device or service

You can tag a device either from the tag view or from the device or service itself.

Click the Tags section from the left hand menu, then click the Settings cog next to the next of the tag. Click View, next to the Eye icon to go to the management view for that tag.


This will take you to the management view where you can pick which devices, services and users are tagged.


Alternatively, click through to view one of your devices or services from the Device or Service list, then from the top menu bar, click the counter next to the tags icon to pick which tag to use for this device or service.


Tagging a user

You can tag users from the tag manage view above but you can also tag them from the Users preferences. Click your name in the top left then go to Users. You can then add tags to a user by clicking the tag icon next to their name. 


Limiting the user's access

Restrictions are applied to the user when they are set as a "limited" user. When that toggle is set and the admin option is disabled for the user, they will only be able to access devices and services that are tagged with the same tags the user is tagged with.

For example, to give "user1" access only to "device1":

  1. Create a new tag called "tag1"
  2. Tag "device1" with "tag1"
  3. Tag "user1" with "tag1"
  4. Set "user1" to be a limited user, and not an admin user

Then "user1" will only be able to see "device1".

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