User types - Admin, Limited & Standard Users

You can set a user with 2 type toggles by clicking your name in the top left then going to Users, if you are using an Admin account.

  • Admin: Enabling this gives the user full access to everything within the account, including account settings such as Cloud, Billing, Users and Notifications settings. To make a user an Admin user, select the Admin toggle next to the username.
  • Standard: A standard user will be able to see all devices and services, however they will not be able to make any account changes to the Cloud, Billing, Users and Notifications settings. To make a user a Standard user, ensure that both the Admin and Limited toggles are deselected next to the username. 
  • Limited: A limited user cannot access anything in the account unless they are assigned tags. When assigned tags, they can access the devices and services that are assigned the same tags. Limited users can only view the devices/services that are tagged with the tags the user also has. They can manage the device/service level alerts for those devices but cannot access group level alerts. They are also unable to view global dashboards and their dashboards are not visible to admin and standard users. To make a user a Limited user, select the Limited toggle next to the username. 

    If you set "admin" on a limited user, it will override the tags and allow them to access everything.


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