Graph Widgets

Click the +Widget button in the top right corner of the dashboard to display the list of available widgets. From there, select 'Graph' to add a graph widget to your dashboard. 

Once you have picked the "Graph" from the dashboard widget selection, a blank graph widget will appear on the page. Click the Cog in the top right then click on View/edit.ScreenShot2018-01-24at12.11.15.png

From the left side you can select a target for the series (a device or service). You can then choose a metric and a source (specific CPU core for example)Capture35.PNG

You can then hit save to display the series on the graph.Capture36.PNG

You can set a name for the graph by clicking name in bold (Used Memory in this case). When you are done click the X in the top right and the graph will save and be plotted on the dashboard.

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