Agent config variables

On Linux, FreeBSD and Mac the agent config file config.cfg (usually at /etc/sd-agent/config.cfg on Linux) allows you to specify a number of config variables. 

This article is for our v1 agent and will soon be deprecated. See v2 agent config options.

Core Config 

  • sd_url 
    Your Server Density account URL.

  • agent_key
    The agent key to uniquely identify this server. 

Agent behaviour 

  • logging_level
    Define what level of logging the agent will do. Default: info. Options: debug, info, error, warn, warning, critical, fatal

  • plugin_directory
    Directory Location of plugins for the agent to execute. 

  • tmp_directory
    Location to store the PID and log files when run manually or on Mac or FreeBSD. 

  • pidfile_directory
    Separate configuration for the location of the PID file. 

  • proxy_url 
    URL to the proxy server if required (used when a server has no direct public Internet access)


  • apache_status_url
    URL to the Apache Status output. 

  • apache_status_user
    Apache status username, if protected. 

  • apache_status_pass
    Apache status password, if protected. 

  • mongodb_server
    The URI to connect to your MongoDB server, can include username, password and port. 

  • mongodb_dbstats
    Whether to collect database statistics from MongoDB. 

  • mongodb_replset
    Whether to collect replication statistics from MongoDB. 

  • mysql_server
    The server address to MySQL. 

  • mysql_user
    The MySQL user to log in as. 

  • mysql_pass
    The MySQL password to log in as. 

  • mysql_port
    Custom port to connect to MySQL. Default: 3306

  • mysql_socket
    Custom MySQL socket to use for connecting. 

  • mysql_norepl
    If set (to anything), will disable replication checks. 

  • nginx_status_url
    URL to the nginx status page. 

  • rabbitmq_status_url
    URL for the RabbitMQ status output.

  • rabbitmq_user
    RabbitMQ user.

  • rabbitmq_pass
    RabbitMQ password.

  • rabbitmq_queue_filter
    RabbitMQ queues to include - accepts a regex pattern. Default: .* (all queues)
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