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If you use CloudLinux with CageFS, or similar virtualised file systems, this can interfere with the data the agent posts back to Server Density such as the number of running processes (by default, the agent can only see processes running under sd-agent).

To ensure the agent can view correct server metrics, you need to exclude the user from CageFS with the following changes.

1. Get the group ID of the agent with the command id sd-agent

2. Edit /etc/sysctl.conf and add the following under the CageFS section using the group ID from above


Note: if you need other users/groups to use this setting, you should add those users (including the agent) to a new group and use that GID instead.

3. Save and exit. Run sysctl -p to apply the changes.

4. Add the sd-agent (or whichever user the agent is running as) to /etc/cagefs/exclude/systemuserlist

5. Update CageFS with cagefsctl --force-update

The agent should then report back correct data and you can verify by checking a Processes graph (note the jump):ScreenShot2018-01-23at18.14.16.png

You can also verify this has been configured correctly by switching to the agent user and running ps (if you see processes for all users, the changes have been applied properly):

su sd-agent
ps aux
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