OpsGenie integration

If you use Opsgenie for your alerting, you can use our webhooks to integrate into their service rather than using e-mail notifications. They have a guide explaining how to do the integration, or you can follow the guide below.

1. Enable the integration at OpsGenie

Navigate to the Server Density integration page at OpsGenie and specify who should be notified for the alerts using the 'Teams' field. Once complete, click 'Save Integration'. Copy the URL, this includes the correct endpoint and your API Key.


2. Enable Webhook at Server Density

In your Server Density account, navigate to Preferences > Notifications. You can reach the preferences menu using the cog in the top right hand corner of your UI. Switch the notification type to webhook, enter a name and the URL you copied in the last step and click the blue '+' to save the integration. 


3. Configure alerts to use OpsGenie Webhook

Now that the webhook is configured you need to enable it for the alerts you would like handled by OpsGenie. You can click on the cog > Configure Alerts to the right of an item in the device or service lists to quickly navigate to alerts.


Once you're on the alert configuration page you can enable the OpsGenie integration for the alerts. Simply click on the actions and set your OpsGenie Webhook from the 'Trigger Webhook' list.


Once the OpsGenie Webhook is added as an action all triggered alerts will be sent to OpsGenie to be routed to your team!

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