How to find your Google Cloud project ID

To use Google Cloud sync, you'll need to provide Server Density with your Google Cloud project ID.

  1. Log in to the Google Cloud Developers Console
  2. Make sure you have enabled billing for your project


  3. Find your Google Cloud project - the project ID is shown in the column next to it.


  4. In Server Density, click your name in the top left then click Cloud to get to the credentials section. Enter any name for your project into Server Density, then enter the project ID and press the plus + button.


  5. A popup window will ask you to accept Server Density connecting to your Google Cloud account (the first step may ask you to pick your Google Account if you are logged into multiple accounts).


  6. Copy the entire code from the box into the "Code" field within Server Density, then click the plus + button to complete the process. It may take several minutes for the initial sync to take place.

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