Group alerts

Group level alerts allow you to define alert configs on a top level and have any devices within the group inherit them. This makes it easy to auto scale and automatically deploy the agent and make changes across many servers in one go.

Creating groups

  1. Click the cog icon next to the server name then click Edit.


  2. Click the More Details tab and you can then select an existing group or create a new one.


Configuring group alerts

Click the name of the group from the server list or click the cog icon on the left, this will take you to the group alert configuration view. 

Here you can create new alerts which apply to all members of the group.


Triggered group alerts

Group alerts show in the notification center with the alert that was triggered then a list of every server that had that alert triggered on it, along with the timestamp the alert was opened. You can tell these are group level alerts from the icon.


Server level group config

When viewing the alert tab for an individual server you can also see any group alerts configured for that server. Server level alerts only apply to that single server.


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