SMS alert fair usage

Alerting for all notification types is free and unlimited but SMSs have a fair usage policy. Although this means they are technically limited, the limit is set high enough to make it effectively unlimited in practice.

The limits are based on which package you are on and reset each month on your billing date:

  • SD1 = 100
  • SD2 = 200
  • SD5 = 500
  • SD10 = 1000
  • SD25 = 2000
  • SD50 = 4000
  • SD75 = 5000
  • SD100 = 8000

If you reach the limit you can upgrade to a higher package to get additional credits.

If you are on the old Personal, Starter, Small Business or Enterprise packages you will need to switch to one of these new packages to get the free SMSs.

These apply only if you are on our billing packages, not the old legacy variable billing accounts. Contact us if you're unsure.

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