Integrating Slack with Server Density

This article will walkthrough integrating Slack with Server Density, allowing you to receive alert notifications in Slack.

Integration Steps

To integrate Slack with Server Density you'll first need to add an Incoming WebHooks integration to a channel in your Slack workplace (this is the channel alert notifications will be delivered to). You can add an Incoming Webhooks Integration here. Once you've chosen an existing channel or created a new channel click the "Add Incoming WebHooks integration" button:


Next, copy the Webhook URL that's generated:


Then, navigate to your Server Density account and select Notifications from the Preferences dropdown in the top right:


From the Notifications page add a new Slack Webhook integration by providing a name and the WebHook URL you copied earlier:


Once you've created the integration, you can add the Notification as an action on your desired alerts by selecting your Webhook from the 'Send Slack webhook' actions list:


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