Zenduty integration

Zenduty is an incident management platform that helps you escalate ServerDensity alerts to the right on-call teams and respond to and resolve critical, customer-impact incidents quickly. You can integrate Server Density with Zenduty to send alerts to Zenduty. To start, you'll need to follow these steps from your Zenduty account:

Zenduty configuration

To start, navigate to the “Teams” section in Zenduty and click on the “Manage” button for the team you want to add the integration to.

Next, go to “Services” and click on the “Manage” button for the relevant Service.

Then navigate to “Integrations” and then “Add New Integration”. Choose a name and select the application “Server Density” from the dropdown.

Finally, copy the generated webhook URL from "Integrations" > “Configure”.

Server Density configuration

Create a new notification from Preferences > Notification. Set the type to Webhook and the Endpoint URL to the generated webhook from before. Name the Integration whatever you'd like.


When adding an alert you can then select the notification you created from the "Trigger webhook" section as an alert recipient.

After following the above steps the integration is complete, and you can add the notification type to any alerts you need. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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